How Smart Send’s New Smart API Makes Shipping Easier


For years, Smart Send has helped merchants across Australia satisfy their customers with competitive quick and easy door-to-door delivery services. Smart Send Couriers reviews each and every detail to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, which can be observed in how well they treat them. And now, Smart Send has implemented a new Smart API to make the shipping process even easier! Whether you’re a small to medium sized business owner or a startup retailer, you’ll benefit from this Smart Send solution.

So, what makes the Smart API unique?

This solution will enable your business to thrive online and improve your shipping process. With the Smart API, your website will display real time shipping and freight costs to your customers at checkout. The solution also automates the checkout orders and provides your customers with real time tracking. With this solution on your site, you will no longer receive tonnes of customer queries asking for freight charges for delivery to their location. And, using one account you can deliver your goods to customers nationwide at unbelievable pricing.

You can customize your Smart API solution to suit the specific needs of your business. The solution’s features include road or express shipping options, pricing on up to 20 items per quote, a receipted delivery option, transit times based on your chosen services and even emailing your receiver a tracking link upon booking.

Check out these other awesome features:

  • For shipment of heavy, large, or awkward items, you can choose our Tail Lift Truck option. With this, items can be easily loaded and unloaded at pickup and delivery.
  • Our Transport Assurance gives you coverage for goods that are lost or damaged in transit.
  • With our Tracking option, your customers can access their tracking information once the products are despatched. They simply enter a consignment number on your website.
  • With the Smart Send automated booking process, you don’t need to re-enter the buyer’s address and contact information when filling out a shipment booking.

Improve your shipping process and get started with the Smart API today! For further details and to watch our Smart API video:


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