Smart Send Couriers Offers Thermal Label Printing

Smart Send Couriers is Australia’s leading online courier solution. Over the years, Smart Send has helped countless private individuals, eBay members and small and mid-sized businesses through its competitively priced and convenient door-to-door delivery and tracking services. Smart Send Couriers constantly strives to make the shipment process easier and more convenient for low volume freight users. That’s why Smart Send Couriers reviews every part of the shipment process to find ways to improve it.

Smart Send found that many merchants sending higher volumes of parcels and shipments need an easy labeling process for their businesses. To simplify the shipping process, we now offer thermal label printing for VIP clients. Before our thermal labeling solution, many merchants had to use laser printers or inkjets and bubblejet printers. These types of printers print too slow and are too wasteful for larger volume merchants.

Our Smart Send thermal printers provide merchants with the best solution printing and labeling solution. With a thermal printer, higher volume businesses can print labels much faster. Our printers provide despatch points with quick, cost effective label printing. These thermal printers generally use smaller shipping label formats that are commonly used in high volume despatch environments. Thermal printers can print well over 100 shipping labels per minute. And, printing speeds generally increase every year.

These labels can be formatted to print from any thermal printer. To switch to “thermal label” formats for your Smart Send consignment-labels, VIP clients can access the “VIP Settings” tab in their VIP account console to make the necessary changes in the ‘Label Selection’ area.

Make your shipping process more efficient with Smart Send’s thermal printer labeling. Contact Smart Send Couriers today!

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