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5 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Products on eBay

shutterstock_217295557Being an eBay seller can be fun and profitable. Statistics show the number of active registered eBay users reached 152.3 million in the third quarter of 2014, up from 140 million at the end of 2013. If you market your products effectively and maintain a good reputation, you should have no trouble selling your products. Today, many people sell products on eBay as their main or secondary source of income. Plus, being an eBay seller means you get to work from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re an experienced seller or new to eBay, follow these tips to maximize your success as a seller:

  1. Cleary define your shipping and return policies – How many times have you purchased a product online and had it arrive late? Or, when the product arrived, did you discover you didn’t like it but were unable to return it? Nothing causes more frustration for buyers than these two scenarios. To prevent any miscommunication and damage to your reputation as a seller, make sure you clearly state your shipping and return policies. If all sales are final or a product must be returned within a specific time frame, clearly state so in your return policy.
  1. Provide high quality pictures – When selling products on eBay, it’s important that you provide high quality photos. Top quality pictures give buyers an accurate depiction of the product they are purchasing. It can also help you make your products stand out from other listings and ultimately increase your sales. To ensure your photos are top quality, follow these photo recommendations from eBay.
  1. Offer multiple pictures – In addition to using high quality photos, you should provide multiple pictures of your products. Show off your product from every angle so buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. By seeing the product from every angle, buyers won’t experience any unexpected surprises when they receive the item.
  1. Utilize HTML designs – If possible, you should use HTML designs to represent a professional store. This will increase your credibility in the eyes of buyers and help you maximize your sales.
  1. Use a trusted shipping service – As previously stated, nothing frustrates buyers more than not receiving a package on time and in pristine condition. To have happy customers, use a reliable shipping service you can trust. Shipping companies like Smart Send couriers provide specialised services for eBay sellers. These services include automated bookings, competitively priced and same day shipping services, shipping quotes and tracking services with Proof of Delivery. Smart Send have even developed a eBay Integration to make sellers lives easier:

To learn more, visit eBay’s seller rules.

Are You An Online Shop Owner? Here Are 6 Things That Influence Shipping Costs

Whether you are an eBay seller or the owner of an ecommerce store, understanding shipping costs is critical to your success. Before you can sell products online, you need to decide how you will get your products into the hands of your customers and what rates you will charge. Your rates should be balanced between you and your buyers, so you will not incur extra costs and your customers won’t abandon their carts due to high shipping fees.

To provide the best shipping service for you and your customers, you should consider using a courier service. For example, Smart Send Couriers constantly reviews their competitors to ensure your shipping costs are competitively priced. Courier services like Smart Send deliver convenient door-to-door shipping services and competitively priced, same day shipping. Choosing a reliable shipping company and setting the right rates can help you cut down on your shipping costs.

In order to set the right rates, you need to understand the aspects that affect shipping costs:

  • Weight & Dimensions – The weight and dimensions of the product being sent will affect the shipping cost. Heavy and large products will cost more to ship.
  • Packaging – How you package the product will also affect the Packagingrate. Larger, misshapen packages will cost more to ship than smaller, more compact ones. Some people may try to save money on shipping by trying to fix large products into smaller boxes. While this may cut down on the cost in the short term, it could negatively impact you in the long run when customers receive damaged items. Always choose adequate packaging over minimal packaging to avoid damage to the product. Damages lead to the loss of products and customer satisfaction, which will hurt your reputation and business. If a customer receives a damaged product, they may be likely to write an unfavorable review and will no longer purchase your products.
  • Returns – Many ecommerce stores and individual sellers will offer free shipping on returns. This is a decision that is up to you but know that returns are bound to happen from time to time; in order to avoid incurring added costs, your returns should be factored into your business model.
  • Handling Surcharges – In addition to charging customers for shipping, many businesses also charge a handling fee. Handling fees are charged to cover the fees required to pack and dispatch the product. The handling surcharge can include packaging materials, such as boxes and bubble wrap. If you are going to charge for handling, then charge a modest fee. The fee incurred by the buyer should only include what it cost to package and dispatch the product.
  • EBay Fees on Shipping Charges – EBay charges final value fees on shipping charges, which are calculated using the courier service the buyer chooses.
  • Express & Same Day Shipping – Customers who request express or same day shipping will pay a higher shipping rate compared to economy or road services.  Be sure you understand the total costs for ‘express’ services to ensure you don’t get a nasty bill from the courier company.

10 Ways to Pack Perfectly

Smart Send has evolved because of a need to provide competitive prices to low volume freight/courier users, along with a simple and convenient method for delivery of their goods using a “door to door” service. There is no need to register or have an account and we do not require Casual or low volume users to spend a minimum packmonthly amount to use our services. Our aim is to help: Private individuals, E-bay Members, Startup, small or medium sized businesses. We also realise more and more Australians are becoming self-employed or working from home (and this trend is set to continue into the future); Smart Send looks to fill this niche in the marketplace.

Want to know the most effective ways on how to package your shipments properly? You can help to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time with these packaging guidelines and procedures. Below we have narrowed down ten helpful tips to ensure your possessions and packages arrive to their destinations safely and soundly:

1—Use a rigid box with flaps intact

2—Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous shipment markings on the box that are no longer applicable

3—Wrap all items separately

4—Use adequate cushioning material

5—Use strong tape designed for shipping

6—Do not use string or paper over-wrap

7—Use a single address label that has clear, complete delivery and return information

8—Place a duplicate address label inside the package

Smart Send can provide a ‘Tail-Lift Truck’ service to aide customers in the loading/unloading of heavy or awkward/bulky items, if a forklift or assistance is not available to the driver at the Pickup and/or Delivery address. Whether you’re looking for general guidelines for packing day-to-day shipments or specific guidelines for shipping specialty items, especially around the holidays, you’ll find it all here with Smart Send for all your packaging needs.

3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Courier Service this Holiday Season

If you own a small business, buy and sell products on Ebay, or just want a reliable courier service to send all your holiday gifts this season, than Smart Send’s online courier service is the way to go. With a dedication to help private individuals, small to medium sized businesses and Ebay members, Smart Send provides competitive prices to low volume freight/courier users, along with a simple and convenient method for delivery of goods using “door to shutterstock_171790418door” services. There is no need to register or have an account and we do not require Casual or low volume customers to spend a minimum monthly amount to use our services.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, there will be no greater method to get all your beloved packages to their intended destinations than through Smart Send courier services. For small to medium sized businesses, it’s important to consider a fast, reliable and cost efficient service that is responsible for all your packaging and deliveries. Our Smart Send Courier Reviews offer insight on how to elevate the efficiency of any small to medium sized business. Lead your business to success this holiday shopping season with these 3 tips on how to choose the right courier service for your delivery service needs.

  1. Prices: It is of course necessary when selecting a courier service that’s right for you to consider the costs of shipping. What is the pricing range of priority shipping, express shipping and road services? Assess how much shipping costs in conjunction with prices per kilograms/size, when packages arrive, and compare the costs to the efficiency of shipping.
  2.  Reliability: Obviously, costs and reliability go hand in hand. Sure it may seem tempting to utilise the cheapest delivery services for your business, but there may be a reason why the cheapest option is, well, the cheapest. It’s important that your courier service is consistent and reliable with when packages can be expected to arrive. Are delivery dates guaranteed? Is the delivery tracking accurate? Reliable courier services are more important to the success of a business than how much money you may be saving.
  3. Customer Service: Last but not least, the customer service aspect of your courier service is crucial. Not only do you want to ensure that your deliveries are on time and cost efficient, but it will save your business a lot of stress and aggravation if you’re being professionally cared for by a respected, knowledgeable and empathetic customer service agent. Make sure the courier service of your choosing is available, responsible, and treats your business in an acceptable manner.

Remember, not all courier services are alike. There are features to others than aren’t present in some; it’s important to do the necessary research, ask all the right questions, and never settle for anything less than extraordinary! If professional, reliable and affordable care is what your business is looking for, than consider Smart Send courier services to boost the success of your business this holiday season.

4 Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs


Whether you’re an eBay merchant or a small business owner, shipping your merchandise is one of the most important aspects of your business operation. Without a convenient shipping company that offers reasonable shipping costs and fast delivery, your operation cannot run efficiently. You may end up overpaying for shipping and lose out on customers. If you are unable to provide your customers with a dependable and cost-efficient delivery service, they will be less likely to purchase your products.

To ensure your business runs smoothly and saves money on shipping costs, follow these tips from Smart Send:

  • Choose the right shipping company – The first step to saving money on shipping costs is choosing the right shipping company. Many shipping companies have complex pricing structures and shipping requirements, so you may be getting charged more than you think. Before choosing a company, do your research on various companies and be sure you are aware of the fees and mailing requirements. Smart Send is Australia’s most trusted courier service because it offers competitively priced door-to-door shipping services to private individuals, eBay members, and businesses across the country.
  • Utilise shipping tools – Some courier services offer a variety of shipping tools aimed at helping people who make frequent shipments. For instance, the Smart Send Smart API solution allows your customers to view ‘real time’ freight quotes in your site’s checkout and enables a fast, seamless transaction. Another valuable shipping tool is Smart Send’s integration for eBay sellers, which provides real-time, fixed or free shipping quotes in your eBay listing, as well as automated booking fulfillment, tracking services, and a range of competitively priced same day local metro, road, or express services.
  • Use the right package – Select the smallest possible package for the product you intend to ship. Smaller packages will cost less to ship than larger ones. Once you choose the right size package, be sure it has the proper padding and protection to shield its contents from damage.
  • Measure your packages – Regardless of the size of your enterprise, it’s important that you measure your packages. Do not guess the size or weight of your shipments. Guessing the wrong weight or size can result in penalty fees or suspension of your account.

3 Essentials All Ecommerce Stores Should Have


The key to having a successful ecommerce store is creating a positive user experience. Your users are visiting your site with the intention of purchasing a product they need or want. They should be able to easily navigate your site, find the product and information they are searching for, and easily make a purchase. If your site is not easy to navigate, then your visitors will most likely exit your site in frustration and without making a purchase.

To ensure your website provides the best user experience for shoppers, be sure you have the following essentials:

  • Fast checkout & courier service – Just as people are irritated by waiting in long lines, they become annoyed with slow loading websites. To ensure you don’t miss out on a potential sale, your website should have a convenient and fast checkout. The Smart Send Couriers Smart API solution makes the checkout and shipping processes easier for you and your customers. The Smart API solution provides your customers with ‘real-time’ shipping costs at check out and tracking services. Once the transaction is made, the booking is instantly made for pickup with Smart Send, who will provide convenient and fast door-to-door shipping.
  • Responsive web design – Today, most people use mobile devices to shop online. This makes it ever so important to incorporate responsive web design into your ecommerce store. With responsive web design, your site pages will seamlessly adjust to fit the screen of any electronic device. If consumers are shopping from their mobile phone or tablet, your website will perfectly fit their screen so they won’t have to shrink and zoom to view images, content, and links.
  • Product descriptions – In addition to having an image for each of your products, you should also have a product description. The product description allows your customers to know everything there is to know about your product so there are no surprises when they receive it. Your product description should be short and include its key features.

How will you enhance your ecommerce store?



Open-source Shopping cart solutions from Smart Send

Do you have an e-commerce store? Or, have you thought about starting one? Well, there’s a lot to consider when creating an e-commerce website. Merchants have to decide which e-commerce platform to use and how to effectively showcase their products. The shipping process is an important aspect of an e-commerce store that is often overlooked. And, it can often be a costly mistake. In order to be successful, e-commerce stores have to find the right shipping and shopping cart solutions as early on as possible. This will make your shipping process easier and more convenient for your business and its customers.

There are many shopping cart solutions for merchants to choose from. If your website was created by a web development company, then your website probably has its own shopping cart with customised features. Our Smart Send Smart API solution can be integrated into these types of shopping carts to make the check out and shipping processes more efficient for you and your customers. Our Smart API provides ‘real time’ shipping costs at checkout, automated booking services with carriers, shipping label generation and ‘real time’ tracking services through your website.

Our Smart Send open-source carts are another valuable and efficient shopping cart solution. These solutions are free or very inexpensive to set up. If you have some programming experience, you will have no trouble setting it up yourself.

There are many open-source cart solutions available, but here are the most well-known solutions:

  • WordPress Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Opencart
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Oscommerce
  • Virtuemart
  • Zencart

At Smart Send, we have created free shipping plugins or add-ons for these carts. These add-ons provide ‘real-time’ shipping costs at check out, tracking updates, PDF shipping label generation and much more. We continue to develop new plugins regularly and can also create them on request.

For assistance or more information about our shopping cart solutions, visit

Smart Send Couriers Offers Thermal Label Printing

Smart Send Couriers is Australia’s leading online courier solution. Over the years, Smart Send has helped countless private individuals, eBay members and small and mid-sized businesses through its competitively priced and convenient door-to-door delivery and tracking services. Smart Send Couriers constantly strives to make the shipment process easier and more convenient for low volume freight users. That’s why Smart Send Couriers reviews every part of the shipment process to find ways to improve it.

Smart Send found that many merchants sending higher volumes of parcels and shipments need an easy labeling process for their businesses. To simplify the shipping process, we now offer thermal label printing for VIP clients. Before our thermal labeling solution, many merchants had to use laser printers or inkjets and bubblejet printers. These types of printers print too slow and are too wasteful for larger volume merchants.

Our Smart Send thermal printers provide merchants with the best solution printing and labeling solution. With a thermal printer, higher volume businesses can print labels much faster. Our printers provide despatch points with quick, cost effective label printing. These thermal printers generally use smaller shipping label formats that are commonly used in high volume despatch environments. Thermal printers can print well over 100 shipping labels per minute. And, printing speeds generally increase every year.

These labels can be formatted to print from any thermal printer. To switch to “thermal label” formats for your Smart Send consignment-labels, VIP clients can access the “VIP Settings” tab in their VIP account console to make the necessary changes in the ‘Label Selection’ area.

Make your shipping process more efficient with Smart Send’s thermal printer labeling. Contact Smart Send Couriers today!

How Smart Send’s New Smart API Makes Shipping Easier


For years, Smart Send has helped merchants across Australia satisfy their customers with competitive quick and easy door-to-door delivery services. Smart Send Couriers reviews each and every detail to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, which can be observed in how well they treat them. And now, Smart Send has implemented a new Smart API to make the shipping process even easier! Whether you’re a small to medium sized business owner or a startup retailer, you’ll benefit from this Smart Send solution.

So, what makes the Smart API unique?

This solution will enable your business to thrive online and improve your shipping process. With the Smart API, your website will display real time shipping and freight costs to your customers at checkout. The solution also automates the checkout orders and provides your customers with real time tracking. With this solution on your site, you will no longer receive tonnes of customer queries asking for freight charges for delivery to their location. And, using one account you can deliver your goods to customers nationwide at unbelievable pricing.

You can customize your Smart API solution to suit the specific needs of your business. The solution’s features include road or express shipping options, pricing on up to 20 items per quote, a receipted delivery option, transit times based on your chosen services and even emailing your receiver a tracking link upon booking.

Check out these other awesome features:

  • For shipment of heavy, large, or awkward items, you can choose our Tail Lift Truck option. With this, items can be easily loaded and unloaded at pickup and delivery.
  • Our Transport Assurance gives you coverage for goods that are lost or damaged in transit.
  • With our Tracking option, your customers can access their tracking information once the products are despatched. They simply enter a consignment number on your website.
  • With the Smart Send automated booking process, you don’t need to re-enter the buyer’s address and contact information when filling out a shipment booking.

Improve your shipping process and get started with the Smart API today! For further details and to watch our Smart API video:


How to Protect your Package during Transport



When shipping a package, you want your shipment to arrive at its destination in pristine condition. Whether you’re a retailer sending off a customer purchase or you’re shipping a gift to a distant family member, it is important that the package arrives undamaged. Your package may get bumped around during transport, but with the right packaging your goods will arrive securely, without a scratch or tear. Give your package the best protection with these guidelines for safe packaging from Smart Send Couriers.

Choose the Right Box

For the most secure shipment use a new, corrugated box. These boxes have protective features to ensure the safety of your items. Choose the right size and box strength for the items you are shipping. Since they have already be handled and torn open, used boxes may not be in the best condition. Only re-use boxes that are in pristine shape. Do not use a box that has any tears, rips or damaged flaps. Also, be sure you remove or cover the old shipping labels.

Provide Internal Protection

Your package will be exposed to outer impacts during transport. Protect your content with internal cushioning, such as bubble wrap, polystyrene peanuts, foam, or corrugated liners. Steer away from using newspaper, blankets, or construction paper in an attempt to protect your materials. Also, do not situate fragile items directly against the external container or against other items. Wrap each item separately using an appropriate form of cushioning. If you’re placing multiple items in the same package, use dividers to prevent your items from shifting during their travel.

Securely Seal your Package

Once your items are safely stored, use strong sealing tape, such as self-adhesive synthetic sealing tape, wet-adhesive strips, or pressure-sensitive plastic, to securely seal your container. For the best protection of your container, do not use masking tape, duct tape, or string.

Smart Send Couriers helps businesses, private individuals, and eBay users get their items in the hands of their customers safely and without delays. Secure your packages today!