5 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Products on eBay

shutterstock_217295557Being an eBay seller can be fun and profitable. Statistics show the number of active registered eBay users reached 152.3 million in the third quarter of 2014, up from 140 million at the end of 2013. If you market your products effectively and maintain a good reputation, you should have no trouble selling your products. Today, many people sell products on eBay as their main or secondary source of income. Plus, being an eBay seller means you get to work from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re an experienced seller or new to eBay, follow these tips to maximize your success as a seller:

  1. Cleary define your shipping and return policies – How many times have you purchased a product online and had it arrive late? Or, when the product arrived, did you discover you didn’t like it but were unable to return it? Nothing causes more frustration for buyers than these two scenarios. To prevent any miscommunication and damage to your reputation as a seller, make sure you clearly state your shipping and return policies. If all sales are final or a product must be returned within a specific time frame, clearly state so in your return policy.
  1. Provide high quality pictures – When selling products on eBay, it’s important that you provide high quality photos. Top quality pictures give buyers an accurate depiction of the product they are purchasing. It can also help you make your products stand out from other listings and ultimately increase your sales. To ensure your photos are top quality, follow these photo recommendations from eBay.
  1. Offer multiple pictures – In addition to using high quality photos, you should provide multiple pictures of your products. Show off your product from every angle so buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. By seeing the product from every angle, buyers won’t experience any unexpected surprises when they receive the item.
  1. Utilize HTML designs – If possible, you should use HTML designs to represent a professional store. This will increase your credibility in the eyes of buyers and help you maximize your sales.
  1. Use a trusted shipping service – As previously stated, nothing frustrates buyers more than not receiving a package on time and in pristine condition. To have happy customers, use a reliable shipping service you can trust. Shipping companies like Smart Send couriers provide specialised services for eBay sellers. These services include automated bookings, competitively priced and same day shipping services, shipping quotes and tracking services with Proof of Delivery. Smart Send have even developed a eBay Integration to make sellers lives easier: https://www.smartsend.com.au/ebayBenefits.cfm.

To learn more, visit eBay’s seller rules.

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