4 Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs


Whether you’re an eBay merchant or a small business owner, shipping your merchandise is one of the most important aspects of your business operation. Without a convenient shipping company that offers reasonable shipping costs and fast delivery, your operation cannot run efficiently. You may end up overpaying for shipping and lose out on customers. If you are unable to provide your customers with a dependable and cost-efficient delivery service, they will be less likely to purchase your products.

To ensure your business runs smoothly and saves money on shipping costs, follow these tips from Smart Send:

  • Choose the right shipping company – The first step to saving money on shipping costs is choosing the right shipping company. Many shipping companies have complex pricing structures and shipping requirements, so you may be getting charged more than you think. Before choosing a company, do your research on various companies and be sure you are aware of the fees and mailing requirements. Smart Send is Australia’s most trusted courier service because it offers competitively priced door-to-door shipping services to private individuals, eBay members, and businesses across the country.
  • Utilise shipping tools – Some courier services offer a variety of shipping tools aimed at helping people who make frequent shipments. For instance, the Smart Send Smart API solution allows your customers to view ‘real time’ freight quotes in your site’s checkout and enables a fast, seamless transaction. Another valuable shipping tool is Smart Send’s integration for eBay sellers, which provides real-time, fixed or free shipping quotes in your eBay listing, as well as automated booking fulfillment, tracking services, and a range of competitively priced same day local metro, road, or express services.
  • Use the right package – Select the smallest possible package for the product you intend to ship. Smaller packages will cost less to ship than larger ones. Once you choose the right size package, be sure it has the proper padding and protection to shield its contents from damage.
  • Measure your packages – Regardless of the size of your enterprise, it’s important that you measure your packages. Do not guess the size or weight of your shipments. Guessing the wrong weight or size can result in penalty fees or suspension of your account.

3 Essentials All Ecommerce Stores Should Have


The key to having a successful ecommerce store is creating a positive user experience. Your users are visiting your site with the intention of purchasing a product they need or want. They should be able to easily navigate your site, find the product and information they are searching for, and easily make a purchase. If your site is not easy to navigate, then your visitors will most likely exit your site in frustration and without making a purchase.

To ensure your website provides the best user experience for shoppers, be sure you have the following essentials:

  • Fast checkout & courier service – Just as people are irritated by waiting in long lines, they become annoyed with slow loading websites. To ensure you don’t miss out on a potential sale, your website should have a convenient and fast checkout. The Smart Send Couriers Smart API solution makes the checkout and shipping processes easier for you and your customers. The Smart API solution provides your customers with ‘real-time’ shipping costs at check out and tracking services. Once the transaction is made, the booking is instantly made for pickup with Smart Send, who will provide convenient and fast door-to-door shipping.
  • Responsive web design – Today, most people use mobile devices to shop online. This makes it ever so important to incorporate responsive web design into your ecommerce store. With responsive web design, your site pages will seamlessly adjust to fit the screen of any electronic device. If consumers are shopping from their mobile phone or tablet, your website will perfectly fit their screen so they won’t have to shrink and zoom to view images, content, and links.
  • Product descriptions – In addition to having an image for each of your products, you should also have a product description. The product description allows your customers to know everything there is to know about your product so there are no surprises when they receive it. Your product description should be short and include its key features.

How will you enhance your ecommerce store?